Farmacy with a Big "F" for Farm to Table Wellness


Sustainable Farming & Environmental Footprint

A big part of our mission is to create year-round indoor and outdoor sustainable farming. By creating our own supply line we have more control over costs of production and therefore, the ability to provide more affordable organic products to the community.  We have reduced our environmental footprint through a minimized supply chain of distribution. We will never compromise being non-GMO and organic USDA certified at our farm in Paonia, the most fertile land in Colorado.  We believe in empowerment through self-sustainable farming, and we especially find importance in supporting other local farms. Food is not something that should be capitalized on but treasured. Through supporting small farms that practice natural and non-toxic growing and harvesting, we are enabling our community to return to the undervalued nourishment of good food. Manipura juice is our outlet for spreading our values.


Chakra Healing Food Guide

Color has a heavy association with each of the seven chakras, and so consuming fruits and vegetables from any spectrum of the rainbow can have a positive healing effect on the chakra that matches that color. For instance, the sacral chakra is portrayed as orange, so eating lots of carrots or sweet potatoes can have a positive effect on your emotions and creativity in a minute form. We have seven specialty juices to pair with each of the chakras, based on the colors of their primary ingredients and final appearances.



Connection to the divine, spirituality, organs, head and central nervous system

Third Eye


Intuition, Purpose, Knowledge, Clarity, Organs, Brain, Pituitary, Pineal

Throat Chakra


Communication, Self -Expresssion, Truth, Organs, Thyroid, Throat, Tonsils

Heart Chakra


Love, Acceptance, Inner Peace, Organs, Heart, Lungs, Thymus

Solar Plexus


Power, Strength, Energy, Control



Creativity, Sex, Emotion, Organs, Bowels, Abdomen, Reproductive Organs

Root Chakra


Foundation, Grounding, Survival, Security, Organs, Intestines, Legs

Chakra Healing Foods

Heal your mind, body, spirit by the food you eat!



Manipura stands by Chaffee County's "support local businesses" mantra and does their share of integrating the community into their own. You can find local artwork on the walls for sale, or local musicians playing out in the adjacent seating alley. We support anyone that has a great idea for a partnership or wants to use us as an outlet for growth. Salida is an artist town and we want to keep it that way!